1. Oulipost #23: Inventory


    US soldier
    Bradley Manning
    prison files

    Kansas Wednesday,
    Chelsea Elizabeth Manning
    decision judge

    birth certificate
    woman statement
    ruling actions

    institutions, needs;
    individuals need
    access something time
    people inside lives

    august offenses
    history rules/counsel
    sentence facilities

    therapy officials
    Manning man
    name change

    former, legally
    new other

    long many both

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  2. Oulipost #22: Antonymy

    A Cataloging of Sainthood

    A quiet compliment left
    at exactly 2 a.m.

    and the woman slept.

    She didn’t see
    civilian darkness

    filling up her home.

    Upstairs, a stranger
    was at the back window.

    "Her daughter is here,"
    the stranger thought.

    She looked away from
    her father, who was beaming.

    Her daughter, more
    than 14: she died on this side

    of the sidewalk in a large
    limestone Cherry Hill
    manor with her father.

    She is still mute
    on Dante’s steps

    Friday morning with a large
    singularity of enemies,

    who hailed her stillness.
    Before, the sidewalk emptied

    with citizens forgetting
    her falling life outside her
    somewhere not home


    Prompt: In Oulipian usage, antonymy means the replacement of a designated element by its opposite. Each word is replaced by its opposite, when one exists or by an alternative suggesting antonymy. [source (the first few paragraphs)]


  3. Oulipost #21: Confabulation

    An Anatomy of Saints

    "We want to have the best of both worlds when it’s all said and done”

    "That’s a unique vantage point to listen from."

    "There were some sleepless nights."

    "For too long, Baltimore has been focused on arrest, arrest, arrest."

    "We’re certainly not trying to be mysterious, just right now."

    "You don’t get a chance to do something like this very … often,"

    "It’s really tough to talk about, not having everything just perfect yet."

    "How do you do this?"

    "Talk to me in two years."

    "The question is, what’s the best use."


    Prompt: Craft a conversation poem using “he said/she said” quotes that you find in The Baltimore Sun. [line one, line two, line three, line four, line five, line six, line seven, line eight, line nine, line ten]


  4. myshoesuntied:

    I told my friend Anne Marie that I could come up with a list of 36 poems everyone should read to rival Buzzfeed’s list, which was great, but I felt was missing a few important names. 36 names to be exact. Here are 36 heart-polishing poems. 36 atmosphere-shattering poems. 36 poems I love by 36…


  5. sarahjeanalex:


    new poems / by curlsafe & me / our wettest letters / biggest parties




    read this beautiful thing nick and carrie made and look what mark did


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  6. Oulipost #20: Lescurean


    The others seek
    to expose countless

    regions to
    long-forgotten feet

    buried just a few history
    beneath where children

    and dogs play
    and situations pass by.


    Prompt: Select a newspaper article or passage from The Baltimore Sun as your source text. Switch the first noun with the second noun, the third noun with the fourth noun, and so on until you’ve reached the end of your text. [source]


  7. Oulipost #19: Sestina

    Thousands Course Kaleidoscope

    Encourage this line of blue:
    the atmosphere open,
    a joyful outfit of breath
    and cloud afternoon cloud.
    Away the gently good,
    away the kaleidoscope of you.

    Baltimore running over you
    with open wildness on a stage of blue.
    The morning race pelted with good
    dancing, everywhere open.
    The air as once a cloud.
    The you as once a breath.

    Gently plastic breath
    colorful around you.
    People cloud.
    The everywhere blue.
    The way to open
    the atmosphere is good

    marked with gently with good
    marked everywhere with breath.
    A cloud of color rose to open
    a white kaleidoscope of you.
    The event away from blue
    to yellow into cloud.

    Mouth-covered cloud,
    what is good,
    dancing blue,
    the happiest breath,
    an extra throw of you,
    the color of open?

    Into the air at once open
    as a Baltimore cloud
    and the color of you,
    the kaleidoscope of good
    finishing a stage of breath
    you can’t really see the blue.

    Open for good.
    The cloud is breath.
    You filled the blue.


    Prompt: Create a sestina using only words and phrases from a single article in The Baltimore Sun. [source]


  8. We Give Beauty…


    (w/ Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez)

    we give beauty
    to the world in describing it—
    alone, it is only a process
    of elimination
    waiting for us to feel one way
    or another about it

    I’m hungry, I sd to myself
    & the sun shone
    on me a moment
    btwn two buildings

    Originally publisht in Birds Blur Together, 2012.


    (via kdecember)


  9. Oulipost #18: Homoconsonantism



    to nothing:


    to hone





    Prompt: Choose a sentence or short passage from The Baltimore Sun to complete a homoconsonantism. In this form, the sequence of consonants in a source text is kept, while all its vowels are replaced. [Source: ” ‘The most important thing you’re going to handle is a murder,’ said Lt. Michael Newton.”]


  10. Oulipost #17: Haikuisation

    how to perform color
    —to speak in a command voice—
    future, that just got


    Prompt: Take three sentences from a single article in The Baltimore Sun. Turn them into a haiku. [source]


  11. Oulipost #16: Chimera

    In time of the letter

    In the days of peacock
    written to the western dogs,
    vowing the drawing of brides
    post cigarettes,

    the dream came out
    in its association
    for same pacifics.

    The glass of sincere
    ice is borrowing
    the long impossible:

    a found naval morning
    of margarine flipping
    armored oranges quite
    out of the yellow.

    Handsome simply can’t
    be jerking off, done—hence
    the queer in the delivery
    of underwear to precise shoulders,
    doling out the harassing dreams.

    The jewel argues one boy
    do the dream of renegade lions,

    one dream and the history
    must concern.


    Prompt: Having chosen a newspaper article (source), remove its nouns, verbs and adjectives. Replace the nouns with those taken in order from a different work (source), the verbs with those from a second work (source), the adjectives with those from a third (source).


  12. Oulipost #15: Prisoner’s Constraint


    one in
    in season,

    one second
    came even

    score in

    in a season.
    came saves.


    Prompt: Imagine a prisoner whose supply of paper is restricted. To put it to fullest use, he will maximize his space by avoiding any letter extending above or below the line (b, d,f,g,h,j,k,l,p,q,t and y) and use only a,c,e,m,n,o,r,s,u,v,w,x and z. Compose a poem using only words that can be made from these letters AND which you source from The Baltimore Sun. [source]


  13. Oulipost #14: Column Inches

    survey and Instrument:

    riddle in baltimore
    support the operational history
    of the americans
    and virtual circle.

    support the show
    using excess
    and hides.

    support the listeners
    using mass,
    map and show.

    occasional matches
    to other bodies
    in the state of maryland.


    Source one and two: Refer to the advertising section or the classifieds in The Baltimore Sun. Create a poem by replacing all of the nouns in your chosen ad segment or classified listing with nouns from one article in the same newspaper. 


  14. Oulipost #13: Epithalium


    retie the birding tree:
    the egret kited,

    hiked the edge.

    the egret girthed.
    the tree, ired:

    “the here beget there.”


    Source: An Oulipian epithalamium, or marriage song, is one composed exclusively with the letters of the names of a newly married couple. Visit the engagement or  wedding announcements section of The Baltimore Sun and select a couple. Write a poem using only words that can be made with the letters in their first names.


  15. Oulipost #12: Sonnet


    Full bloom along
    the tidal basin;
    set about quietly
    rebuilding—I get that.

    No way out other than
    a blue pullover sweater,
    assets linked to the trade.
    There are elements.

    Friends, spending
    time together.
    Such barriers relate,
    maybe not.

    Everyone is
    what can seem.


    Sources 1 and 2Write a sonnet sourced from lines found in Baltimore Sun articles.